Autumn S.
· Reviewed March 4, 2018
I am over the moon with my results. She is so friendly, but when it comes time to work she is no nonsense and focuses on what she is doing. She works so fast and is methodical at the same time. Absolutely a great decision to go here.

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Shulie  01/20,2018
Great service very private  with a lovely atmosphere, im a bit self conscious about my skin but  Katrina  made me feel so comfortable and relaxed!

Melisa T 09/08/2015

services and she was honest with me. She did not try to upset me at all. I will definitely be back!!!

Maria P   1/20/2016
Katrina is an angel. I had issues with unwanted facial hair after doing laser for years. Nothing would stop them from coming back and my skin is too sensitive for waxing. I was seriously depressed and did not know what to do. After much research I decided to give electrolysis a try and went to Katrina after reading her reviews. From the minute I sat in her chair my life changed forever. I could not believe I hadn't gone to her years sooner. Not only does Katrina make the process almost painless and very swift (she REALLY knows what she's doing) she's so sweet and cares about you too! Something I think is a very important quality when performing electrolysis. Im so happy Imet her and cannot wait to get facials and a micro from her. Look no further she's the one. Thank you Katrina!!!! :)

                       Luna F    6/8/2018
Had my first consultation and session with Katrina. She was super sweet, informative and really helpful in deciding what's going to be the best treatment for my requests. Loved the experience! And I will come back for more. I will refer her to my friends and family. Thank you Katrina.

Sue J  05/02/2016
Excellent service! Katrina was professional, quick,  and personable. I asked if I needed any additional

M G 02/02/2017
I have been going to Katrina for my electrolysis treatment journey and I couldn't be happier. Smart Choice Electrolysis is welcoming and makes you feel really comfortable. Katrina provides amazing customer service.Professional and friendly. Thank You

Tricia D 5  /16/2018
Katrina is wonderful! She is friendly and very welcoming to her clients. Her establishment is very clean and neat. She does excellent work and I am pleased with the progress of my treatments.

Linda S   03/16/2016
Katrina absolutely changed my life. After 6 month of electrolysis with another technician, my face was completely full of deep pock marks, I was devastated. The hair was still not gone and I was depressed beyond belief. I came to Katrina after reading all the reviews here and also as a last resort. She is so knowledgeable on hair growth, removal and is truly interested in helping. After the first treatment my face has started to change, for the better. Katrina changed the size of the probe to a much thinner needle and also reduced the frequency of my visits. Right away I noticed a dramatic difference in my overall appearance. The hair is sparse and thinner than usual. She is an absolute blessing and I recommend her services to anyone looking for
the only permanent hair removal solutionthat exists, electrolysis.

Sara K    05/27/2017

Walking to Hair Salon for having electrolysis theatment, everyone looking at  me entering to the Electrolysis room I feld ebarrassed .
I choose Smart Choice Electrolysis for excellent result, butter prices and my privacy. Smart choice Electrolysis have private office and this making me very happy and comfortable.

Thank You Katrina.

Permanent Hair Removal

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Sarah V. ·
1 rating   1 review  · a day ago
Amazing! Clean, knowledgeable and super nice. She made my 16 year old feel very comfortable. What a difference just a few sessions have made. Happy I purchased this Groupon. Money well spent!

Gabriela R. ·
1 rating   1 review  · April 4, 2019
When i went to my first appointment i didn't know what to expect. My experience was so enjoyable and katrina is really good at what she does, I can't believe i waited so long. Not knowing and having an experience like this i am so glad i decided to make my appointment. Thank you so much katrina you have truely made a difference in my life.

JoAnn H.
Reviewed May 1, 2018
Scheduling was easy, atmosphere clean & inviting, friendly technician


Lola. G    05/23/2017
I have been battling in Grown hair for years. I have tried everything from waxing tweezing and medication. Nothing has helped. I have played with the idea of laser hair removal however after reviewing my situation I have decided that electrolysis would be better. I am a darker complexion and with the effected area suffering from sever hyper pigmentation I did not want to risk getting burned (YIKES. I have tried other electrologists in Syracuse with terrible experiences of pain and scarring. No problems like that with Smart Choice Electrolysis. She is the absolute best! I recommend her highly!!!!